The Mobile Muncher

By. Erich Pfeiffer (AKA Munch Master)

A mobile blog about our culinary adventures around the world. Just like the title says the mobile muncher. I will blog from anywhere we are munching on anything I think is munchworthy ( yes I made that up) news or blog material.

It's been a long time but i got married.

By Erich

 It's been a long times since I posted but I am going to get back on the ball in the next few weeks. And wow do I have a lot to write about. For starters I married my long time best friend Teresa. And we honeymooned in Italy.
Check out this link with tons of Photos from the wedding and honeymoon.

It is no all of them by far just a small sample that have been given to me by friends and family. There will be much much more.
Until I can get back and write a proper post enjoy!!!

Biggest slacker ever

By Munch Master

Yes, I know I promsed to blog about all of our adventures. And, well I haven't and for that I apologize. Truth be told all the other Jetblue AYCJ (All You Can Jet) folks I have met haven't had much time ethier. It has been a whirlwind of traveling. If you're not on a plane you are reseaching or making arrangements for the next destination. And while at times I am the self admitted procrastinator. I am not the only one experiencing this pattern.
But, I am going to have a few days of down time in the outerbanks of NC. I hope to do some catching up.
I can tell you we have met some really nice people on our trips. And I cannot say enough that up to this point the Jetblue staff has been amazing. From ticketing to inflight crew they have helped make this a wonderful experience.
And all the AYCJ members well, we are all as excited as the next to share stories over a cup of coffee during flights. Everyone has been nothing but kind and friendly. From some cool cats from san fran to the first AYCJer and fellow floridan I met. But, by far the most compelling story/person I have met is www.30daysonjetblue.com. He is traveling to raise awareness and money for a orphanage and school in Zambia, Africa. During his trips he is visiting orphanages all over. So check him out and FYI my friends from MS they have applied to the Gates foundation for a grant (I am just saying HINT HINT ;) ).
The journey isn't over we still have 7 days left. I am going to be a bit sad to see it come to an end. One other thing a trip like this changes you in a good way for the most part. You realize how privliged a life we as Americans lead and take for granted. How big and small this world can be all at the same time.
So to Jetblue thank you for making it all possible. And all those I have met and to those I will meet before it's over thank you and safe travels.

The great american air trip

By Munch Master

Teresa and I awoke at 5:30 am to a gloomy rainy day in NYC. But that didn't get us down. Why you ask well we are on our first real Jetblue all you can jet adventure. We are headed out of this nastyness to sunny and warm Cancun Mexico. First stop, the largest most impressive Mayan ruins. The great city of Chichen Itza. We overnight there in a cute hotel with natural pools. Then on saturday it's off Playa Del Carmen. To spend a relaxing 2 days at a beautiful all inclucive resort on the beach along the Mayan Rivera. I am sooooo excited and hope to have some great food stories and adventures. Have a great day. I know I will, touch down in cancun T- 5 hrs